Welcome to the 2019-20 Season!

Did you know our NPHS Soccer program is largely funded by your support and contributions?

Please help us to meet or exceed our $60K goal so we can continue to provide a safe competitive soccer program 


Each year your contributions are utilized to pay for coaches, trainers, equipment, uniforms, transportation, tournament fees, banquet nights and more, which directly benefits the ~130 players on our six teams in both our Boys and Girls NPHS soccer programs

Without your continued donations and the volunteer support of our NPHS Booster Club members a soccer program of this level could not exist


Help the recently selected 2019-20 NPHS Soccer players make memories to last their lifetimes!

Any contribution you can make to our program will be greatly appreciated!

Go NPHS Panthers!

One Team – One Goal!!

Let’s make this a soccer program our Newbury Park High School players and community can be proud to be a part of, we are the Panthers and we are better together!


Direct donations can be accepted by either our Booster Treasurer or Booster President

We also have Restaurant Nights, Soccer Yearbooks/Ads, Soccer Ball and Stadium Sign Sponsorship Opportunities!

Hover over the Fundraising tab on the menu bar for additional information on the above fundraising items