Mission Statement: One Team – One Goal

As members of the NPHS Panther Soccer Program it is our mission to strive for excellence as One Team with One Goal! As a soccer player, as an athlete, and as a person of class each individual shall represent what it means to be a competitor of character. It is our desire to be known by our quality on the field and off. We will maintain the understanding that with learning comes progress and with adversity comes growth. On our path for success we will discover the Desire, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline of our lives revealing that in everything we are cultivating and preparing for our future. Together we will recognize the champion in each one of us, realizing that as one we can accomplish the improbable. Through the Panther family we create and through the unity and relationships we develop, we look forward to the memories and friendships that we will keep forever. At the end of our Panther career we will look back knowing we gave our hearts to the game of soccer and to the teammates who stood by our side. The experiences we take with us from that point on will shape our lives in the next chapter as we continue our journey as One Team with One Goal!